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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will enjoy it.

You can find details of my books and of various other things I do, including pictures of the house I built on a moor in South West Scotland.

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NEWS: I have now delivered my new book Gossip from the Forest which Granta will publish in November 2012.

In honour of the 200th anniversary of the first edition of the Grimm Brothers’ collection of fairy tales, it explores the idea that fairy stories come out of forests. The book includes a series of walks in forests (ancient and modern), commentary of fairy stories and their themes and twelve new rewrites of traditional Grimm’s stories. It also includes photographs by Adam Lee.

Writing Britain in an exhibition at The British Library from 11th May to 25th September, about landscape and place in British writing. “The exhibition will also feature a series of newly commissioned video interviews with British authors, exploring a sense of place in Britain today and how their work reflects Britain's unique landscapes”. I am proud to say that I am one of the authors.

I am leading another silent adventure in Sinai from 7th-14th October.

I am now working on a collection of short stories, developed in conversation with contemporary scientists, which I hope (and plan) to deliver to Comma Press later this year.

You can contact me through my agent Jenny